GFRc historical restoration, gfrc capitals, gfrc columns, gfrg medallionsBridgewater Town Hall Historic Restoration 

BAY Contracting, working with the architect and prominent historical consultant...and using our GFRC and GFRG formulations...replicated the original 300+ year old columns, capitals and medallions throughout this Italianate-and-Georgian-Revival-styled girls school during its renovation to become Bridgewater's city hall. 

GFRC pilasters, GFRC lintels, bay contracting, commercial restoration and waterproofing, precast water tables Caffé Nero Renovation

BAY Contracting installed the bluestone pavers and benches and manufactured and installed the precast brownstone caps, fillers, stringers and watertables. We also made and installed the precast brownstone pilasters and lintels (with our leaf-and-dart molding) and repointed the brick facade of the entire building.

Commonwealth Ave. Renovation and Maintenance 

BAY Contracting performed a variety of maintenance projects on this building including the custom design, manufacture and installation of new GFRC cornices that replicated the originals. The new-age cornices include integral, high-strength steel frames designed to extend their life in harsh environments.

Norton Point Bridge ProjectNorton Point Bridge Renovation

BAY Contracting manufactured and installed a complete new set of precast balusters and caps on the Norton Point Bridge in Manchester-By-The-Sea, MA. The 376 foot bridge originally built in 1912 was the largest concrete highway bridge in Massachusetts.

gfrc historical restoration, gfrc cornice replacement, custom gfrc cornice design, 121 High Street Historical Restoration

Bay Contracting designed and manufactured custom molds to replicate the complex details of the worn out cornices and dentals on this historic building. The new elements were made from GFRC with integrated steel frames used to securely fasten them to the building. 

precast facade renovation, precast replication, concrete renovation461 Mass Ave Renovation

BAY created a new precast facade for this Mass Ave condo renovation while accurately replicating the look and feel of the surrounding concrete.

GFRC cornices, GFRC lintels, GFRC rakes, GFRC columns, GFRC capitals, GFRC renovation, custom GFRC elementsCape Cod Mall Renovation

Bay Contracting custom manufactured and installed all of the GFRC rakes, cornices, lintels, capitals, pilasters and bases on this Cape Cod Mall renovation.

supermarket renovation, window replacement, water proofing, azek panel replacement, column renovationStop and Shop Renovation N. Dartmouth, MA

Bay Contracting replaced all the window frames and windows, rebuilt the columns and performed waterproofing throughout the North Dartmouth, MA Stop & Shop. We also installed new Azek panels on the canopy, trim, soffits and entrance overhang.

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